How Does a Third Generation Boxer Keep the Family Legacy Alive?

Kilat Bilal Hallie

Professional Boxer

Boxing is big in your family… Who is it that inspired you to start boxing?
My father, Gilbert Hallie, was my main inspiration for starting my boxing career. My grandfather used to have boxing pictures up on the wall from the early days in my dad’s career. I used to always look at them as a little boy and I remember thinking: I want that too.

Would you encourage a fourth generation of your family to pick up Boxing? And why?
Yes, I would definitely encourage but not force. I would be grateful if my offspring would choose to get into the sport and keep boxing alive in our family.

2 Pro fights down, how many amateur fights did you do before transferring to pro?
I did 40 amateur boxing fights, but I’ve done 25 kickboxing matches as well. With boxing, I became national champion of The Netherlands in the B-class once, and another year in the A-class Super Heavyweight category.

2 fights, 2 KO’s… is that your strategy, hunting for that KO?
Yes, I do hunt for that KO, but I don’t try to force it too much. Forcing makes you lose power, especially when you end up doing a lot of rounds…

You have broken your left AND right hand at some point in your boxing career… have these injuries changed your boxing style at all?
I didn’t really change my strategy because of that, but I did try to make my hands and wrists stronger. Making a better fist by punching on a boxing bag without gloves and doing exercises really helped me.

Who is your next opponent and what are your thoughts on your upcoming fight?
I don’t know who my next opponent will be yet, but it doesn’t really matter. I always give my all during training and I prepare for any imaginable type of opponent. No matter who’s standing in front of me, I always give 200%.

What do you dream of achieving in this year?
I hope to have 8 pro wins on my name by summer and that I get to box 8 rounds per fight. I would also love to be able to box for the Dutch Pro Title in Royal Theatre Carré Amsterdam at the end of the year.

What are your tips for anyone that wants to pick up boxing?
My tip is to never give up. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you stand up. If you dream of success in boxing, you fight for it. And when it comes to training gear, I don’t have to explain myself: BUY YOUR GOAT GEAR!